Vampire Academy Movie News: What We've All Been Waiting For

Imagine my surprise after an entire day out to come home to find this little blog post from Penguin explaining that we have our Rose, Lissa and Dimitri?

That's them. Rose Hathaway is played by Zoey Deutch, our Lisa is played by Aussie actress Lucy Fry and that hunk in the bottom right? That's Dimitri. In real life known as Danila Kozlovskiy.

I haven't heard of any of these actors, except Lucy who got a role on Disney (I think) in some alien surfing show. But Zoey seems to have landed a few minor roles before being catapulted to leading lady. She was Juliet in Ringer (Andrew, who is the love interest, daughter) and she is also Emily Asher in Beautiful Creatures. Danila... After doing some research I managed to find that he's actually one of Russia's leading actors in both stage a screen.

Here's a better shot of him (without long hair):

I have to admit... I can easily fawn over that.

There is also other major news, including the re-vamped title. The movie will be known as Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters... Um. Okay. I'm just going to point out that to anybody who hasn't read the first book will have no idea what the title is talking about. It will also come across as pretty weird. I've read and loved all six books, and I think this title is incredibly weird.

It's alright to branch from the actual title if it doesn't sound that great for marketing reasons. 

Not only that, but filming starts in June/July. June/July, guys! 

Am I the only one who thinks this movie news and developments kind of snuck up on us all a little? But I'm still feeling a lot like this...



Please share your comments below. I'm so giddy (and extremely nervous) over this news and want to discuss it with everyone who has a beating heart!


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