YA Book Adaption {3}

The Host and Breaking Dawn Part II

There have been a series of photos released for The Host, showing Jake Abel for the first time. You'll recognise him as the villain from the first Percy Jackson film and also in I Am Number Four. I honestly cannot wait for this movie. I couldn't get through the first 100 pages of the book, but everyone I've met says it's after the first 100 pages that make it good (typical).

In honour of Edward Cullen's birthday, Summit have been releasing teaser trailers. These look so good, and after the action-wise flop of part I, I hope this picks up the pace. I did read somewhere that the ending had changed, but you never know.

The Diviners

The rights to Libba Bray's new novel The Diviners was brought by Paramount. The masterminds behind this are the same masterminds behind Gossip Girl, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. Read more here.

The Mortal Instruments

It's official! Isabelle has been announced. To be honest, I absolutely love their choice. I've never seen Jemima West act, but just looking at her she looks the part and that she could carry the role. An actor for Alec has been confirmed, however he remains to be a mystery. It feels so good to see all the actors lining up quicker and quicker!



  1. Very excited about The Diviners and City of Bones! I haven't read The Host, and I stopped watching the Twilight movies after New Moon, but I'm excited about anything Libba-Bray-related, and I'm interested to see how they do with CoB. :D I agree that Jemima looks like a wonderful choice.

    1. I can't wait for the final part of the Twilight saga! :D

      She looks just like Isabelle - can't wait for this movie either!

      *squeals in delight!*

      New follower!!

      - Rachel <3

    2. @Lexie- So far my favourite movie has been Eclipse because of all the action and I loved the flashbacks of Rosalie and Jasper. Eclipse was also my favourite novel out of the series, so I may be a little bias.

      @Rachel- I didn't like Part I, but I cannot wait for Part II! The first few chapters where she's a vampire in the novel are my favourite parts so I cannot wait to see Bella attack Jacob (fingers crossed it's in there!). Haha.

      And thanks for the follow!


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