TV Review | The Vampire Diaries 5x4 "For Whom The Bell Tolls"

Last weeks loose ends:

-       - What will Elena and Damon tell Stefan about his amnesia?
-      - Again, what the hell is Nadia up to?
-      - What’s with the teacher? Obviously part of the council, but why?
-      - How did Megan know Elena’s father?

The episode opens up with Damon rehashing the last two hundred or so years of Stefan's life as Stefan reads all his old journals (who ever thought they'd come in handy, huh?). Throughout the episode I feel like as if Stefan went through twenty different stages. He went ripper, he went emotional, he practically fell in love with Elena all over again and then Elena practically broke his heart all over again.

I was amazed by how well Nina and Paul were able to reestablish their character's chemistry so quickly! I honestly felt like they were both falling in love in the span of one episode and almost as if Damon would be shoved off to the side.

The plots throughout this episode were all pretty much dropped at the hat when Jeremy finally revealed to everyone that Bonnie is actually dead. I never really cared much for Bonnie's character to be honest, but the funeral scene was actually pretty moving and I loved the little sentiments the characters brought forward. In particular, I loved how Elena placed pillow feathers on Bonnie's make shift grave from the pilot episode where Bonnie makes them float.

Tyler returned, if only briefly, to be supportive for Caroline, but it was great to see them all together. I will admit, there was a point in this episode where I felt like Stefan and Caroline would be heading down that path (and that's not the first time I've thought that). Seriously, though. I think they balance each other out great, which is what makes them great friends, but the fact that amnesia Stefan said he'd before there for Caroline about Bonnie's death really made my heart soar.

The side plots that I mentioned before mainly involve Jesse as the plot lines for Katherine, Tessa, and Silas took a backseat this episode.

Basically, Stefan went ripper mode (as mentioned) and ate Jesse to the point where Caroline had to heal him with a tonne of vampire blood. Now, Jesse has been turned into a vampire by the creepy professor guy. Odd, but I'll roll with it.

Loose threads:
- Again, what the hell is Nadia up to?
- What's with the teacher?
- What will happen to Jesse?
- How does Meghan know Elena's father?



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