TV Review | The Vampire Dairies 5x02 "True Lies"

Last week’s loose threads:
- Matt was attacked, some magical guy chanted words to turn his eyes black and then he collapsed
- Why did Megan know Elena's father?
- Silas ended the episode by getting the entire town to find Katherine. Why is she so important?
- Will Stefan shut off his humanity to cope with the feeling of being drowned?

This episode was definitely better than last weeks. By far.

It opens up with human Katherine being pepper sprayed by a resident of Mystic Falls since the entire town is hunting after her and what does Katherine do? She jumps her. Even as a human, I’m finding Katherine’s spirit to be completely enthralling and I’m seriously wishing that she was the main character, not Elena.

The freaky black-eyes thing that happened with Matt was done by a couple of gypsies who nowadays call themselves travelers. It blocks Matt’s mind from being controlled by Silas (very handy). And one of those travellers killed her partner in a show of trust towards Silas (ouch). It seems there’s to be an alliance here, but what is this woman’s agenda?

Matt and Jeremy are busy baby-sitting Katherine, which feels very déjà vu given the amount of times Elena has needed babysitting. The three end up in the woods, hiding from Silas and his possessed townsfolk who are all hunting for Katherine (reasons still unknown). In a very human and unexpected moment, Katherine saves the boys life with a shotgun. I have to admit, I really found these moments funny. Katherine has relied solely on her vampire powers that things like a gun are foreign to her.

Matt died for the first time tonight, thankfully (or maybe not) he was wearing the cursed ring. During this time, Matt was able to speak to Bonnie and she finally told him that she was dead. To be perfectly honest, I’m not finding Bonnie’s storyline to be very compelling. I know that she’ll stick around (I have this gut feeling that she’ll be very helpful on the other side when it comes to killing Silas), but it’s just… boring.

At university, Elena and Caroline are on a mission to figure out what’s going on with Megan with nothing coming up. Her storyline drops in favour of Silas coming to visit under the pretense of Stefan. Silas (as Stefan) tells Elena all about Jeremy being kicked out of high school and the trouble from last weeks episode, enraging Elena. He then compels her to weaken Damon and then kill him.

The next scene reminded me a lot of season three in the cafeteria when Stefan fights Kalus’s compulsion. The trigger here is Elena’s anger, so she has to stop being angry. And to do that, just stab yourself. Repeatedly.

On Caroline’s end, she’s being chatted up by her human admirer (I forget his name) who reveals that one of the teachers (the doctor who signed off on Megan’s autopsy report) is a part of some ancient, secret council.

The episode ends with Elena, Sherriff Forbes, and Damon opening up the coffin that Stefan was locked in only to reveal that it’s a human with a ripped throat.

Favourite Quote:
“I’m the freaking moonstone” – Katherine
“You can understand why I’m a little upset, that I’m on the verge of being defeated by a sinus infection!” - Katherine

This week’s loose threads:
- Where is Stefan?
- What’s with the teacher? Obviously part of the council, but why?
- Who is this gypsy girl and what’s her agenda?
- Why does Silas want Katherine so bad?
- Why did Megan know Elena’s father?


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