TV Review | The Vampire Diaries 5x03 "Original Sin"

Last week’s loose threads:
- Where is Stefan?
- What’s with the teacher? Obviously part of the council, but why?
- Who is this gypsy girl and what’s her agenda?
- Why does Silas want Katherine so bad?
- Why did Megan know Elena’s father?

Warning: spoilers for this episode and pervious episode.

If you follow me on Twitter then you would have seen me live tweeting as I watched. You would have also seen the tweet that had me saying that I thought this was by far the best episode of the season and probably my favourite of all time.


One word people: Qetsiyah. Or Tessa. Whichever one is easiest to pronounce.

Yes, Silas’s raging ex-girlfriend (who gave him the cure for immortality) is back. Turns out, when Bonnie opened the veil between the living and the dead, Qetsiyah decided that she wanted in.

And that her sole mission is to kill Silas.

I loved this episode. I have a feeling there isn’t a time period that The Vampire Diaries isn’t willing to go into and ancient Greece is a personal favourite.

Stefan is saved by Qetsiyah, only to be used as a pawn in helping damaging Silas’s mind control. We get a lot of background in this episode and it would be on the verge of boring if Qetsiyah wasn’t such a funny, raging character. Oh, and the flashbacks.

We all know the basics. Silas fell in love with a girl, tricked Qetsiyah into creating immortality so they could be together then left her at the alter for his other girlfriend. Here’s a little bit of a twist for you: Silas and Qetsiyah are travellers/gypsies like what we met last week with Nadia.

One of the biggest twists in this episode (yes, there’s more than one) is the fact that the girl that Silas fell in love with? It’s Elena. Katherine. Tatia. The original doppelganger: Amora.

In the meantime, Katherine and Elena reveal that they’ve been sharing dreams about Stefan burning outside of a bar in the sunlight. The two of them and Damon share an amusing car ride with Katherine being… Well, Katherine. Saying everything to get under Elena’s skin.

Katherine is captured by Nadia and brought to Silas who then compels Nadia to kill herself. Simultaneously, Qetsiyah hacks into Silas’s mind using Stefan and weakens his ability to compel people. Nadia takes Katherine and holds her hostage. Over the phone to Silas, he reveals to Katherine that her blood is the cure to immortality. Remind anyone of anything? Yep. Elena’s blood was what was needed to create hybrids, and now Katherine’s blood is needed to create immortality.

I’m beginning to wonder if maybe this show is running out of ideas, or if they are purposely recycling these ideas to create a sort of doppelganger cycle or something.

The last twist of the night? Well, Stefan wakes up after being brain hacked by Qetsiyah and he has no memory. Amnesia, folks. In a vampire.

Side plot: Nadia places the other traveler (Gregor) she killed in Matt’s body to confront him (hello, accents). Later, Matt wakes up in the Lockwood mansion with muddy foot prints and blood everywhere.

Favourite quotes:

“It was like watching a soap opera except without volume control”—Qetsiyah/Tessa

Loose leads:
-       What will Elena and Damon tell Stefan about his amnesia?
-       Again, what the hell is Nadia up to?
-       What’s with the teacher? Obviously part of the council, but why?
-       How did Megan know Elena’s father?


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