TV Review | The Vampire Diaries 5x01 "I Know What You Did Last Summer"

I have been anxiously waiting this season premier for months. It feels like it was never going to come. It was the same feeling I had throughout the previous four seasons where Elena and Damon were concerned.

I can at least rejoice there as Elena and Damon are definitely on!

The episode opens up basically with a recap of the Summer which consists of Caroline preparing for college, Elena and Damon getting it on, Jeremy walking in on Elena and Damon getting it on and playing Siri for Bonnie who is still pretending to be dead and having Jeremy be her voice of communication.

I liked this episode. I don't think it was the most explosive or the best of their previous episode openers but there are definitely a few things I liked.

1- There's no BS when it comes to Silas. I was sort of worried that it would take forever for everyone to figure out Silas was about since his character was sort of on the dead end of last season. But he's here, controlling the entire town, and Jeremy and Damon are the only ones who actually know it.

2- Katherine. I've always loved Katherine. She's sassy, got guts, drop dead gorgeous (I prefer the curled hair to straight her for), and always seems to have a way out. Until now that is. She's human, her hair is a mess, she's got nothing to protect her and 500 years worth of enemies after her. 

... And that's the end of the highlights.

I don't know what it is. Maybe I'm just not as into it anymore as I was, but for some reason I didn't find Elena/Caroline's storyline very compelling:

Essentially, Elena and Caroline end up with an unexpected roommate who drinks vervain water and by the end of the episode, is dead. The roommate Megan is frantically screaming on the other end of the phone to Elena for help while her and Caroline try to figure out how to get inside a house they weren't invited into.

Megan's body falls out of the house right in front Elena and Caroline and it turns out she was killed by a vampire (vampire bite marks on the neck). Even more surprising is when the cops tell the girls it was a suicide. And in another twist this girl somehow knows Elena's father (not John, the other father).

Also, how on Earth did those two girls get such a large dorm room that is so dark without compulsion? (Elena and Caroline seem to be on a "try in normal way" streak)

Side note: Caroline and Tyler seem to be on the outs. Again.

Death Count:
- Megan
- Bonnie's Dad (whose name I forget)

Loose Ties:
- Matt was attacked, some magical guy chanted words to turn his eyes black and then he collapsed
- Why did Megan know Elena's father?
- Silas ended the episode by getting the entire town to find Katherine. Why is she so important?
- Will Stefan shut off his humanity to cope with the feeling of being drowned?


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