Movie Review | Star Trek Into Darkness

The most surprising thing about these movies is a) how long they've been going for and b) how fun they are which explains a.

This is my first Star Trek experience I will openly admit. My dad is ashamed to hear me say that. I've seen just about every major popular sci-fi saga out there but Star Trek? I don't know why, but I've just never seen them.

That, I will confidently say, has now changed.

Star Trek Into Darkness was fun. It didn't drag, yes the structure was a little too formula and everything worked out, but it was fun. So fun I didn't mind.

This movie sees Benedict Cumberbatch (BBC's Sherlock) play the villain Khan. I am absolutely loving Cumberbatch in any smart-assy, villain role. I've loved him in Sherlock and I've always been anxious for his role in The Hobbit, I'm even more excited now. There's just something so villainous about Cumberbatch that makes him perfect for it. Sort of like Tom Hiddleston in Thor/Avengers. 

The graphics here were good; at least I thought so (The Independent disagrees) and the characters banter were fun. I particularly like the banter between the four Kirk, Spock, Nyota, and Scotty. They were refreshing and kept it light and comical.

I would recommend this movie to everyone, including those who haven't seen Star Trek before. You may miss out on some past references (thankfully, my dad filled me in), but just make someone watch it with you!


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