Tutorial: How To Remove Your Navbar

So I thought I would start posting some more tutorials for you guys since you really liked the last one I did back in August I think about how to make a link in comments. This is a tip that will improve the look of your blog with no HTML knowledge required at all. It's also great because it's really simple, yet nobody really advertises it that much.

How to Remove Your Navbar

The navbar is this thing at the top of your blog in between the header and your url. I removed my URL since I wasn't on my own blog (and that blank white space is my private email).

STEP ONE: Log Into Blogger

STEP TWO: Go to "Layout". It's highlighted orange in the menu on the left.

STEP THREE: Where's I've circled Navbar? Yep, that's it. Click "edit".

STEP FOUR: This little window will pop up

STEP FIVE: Click "off" and "Save" and you're done!

Sometimes it's the easiest and smallest things that make the most difference. Check out how good your blog now looks. Take note that the gadget called "Navbar" won't disappear because it's a Blogger installed feature, but just because it's there doesn't mean it's not off.

Hope this helps some of you! My next tutorial is on Favicons and I'm super excited about all of this! Also, is there anything in particular that you guys would like to know how to do? If so, let me know in the comments, I'll try to make a post about it. (I'm not the best at HTML, haha. I am an amateur in all honesty).


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