A Week In Book Reveals {11} 15-03-2013

A Week In Book Reveals is an exclusive weekly feature to Elle-Osophy showcasing all the book covers during the week.
Here are all of this weeks released book covers that I've collected. If you're an author and your book cover was revealed and it isn't mentioned, or if you know of a cover reveal that wasn't featured, leave a comment below with the details and I'll be sure to add it! Clicking on the title above each cover will take you to its Goodreads page. 

UK Version

Australian Edition



Oh my gosh. So many gorgeous covers this week. However, for me the tie is between Fire With Fire, Between the Lines, The Sound, and This Song Will Save Your Life. They're all so gorgeous! On a side note, I'm so glad the Australian publishers of the Blood of Eden series have stuck with the original art. I actually really love the cover and the Asian model is a definite bonus.

Which is your favourite cover?


  1. I know I've said this before, but I just love that you post these all at once. I tend to miss cover reveals, and I love that I can count on you to show them to me!

    I can't wait for Erased, The Sound, and Unbreakable! They just sound so good.

    YA Sisterhood

    1. Haha. You can say it every week if you really wanted to :P You're welcome. I find it's easier just having them out at once and the post looks so much prettier when they are! Hehe.

      I haven't read Altered by Jennifer Rush yet, but everybody says it's worth checking out! I definitely recommend Sarah Alderson--her books are so much fun! I read Beautiful Creatures and didn't really like it, but I like how the authors are branching on their own so I'm hoping I'll enjoy their separate books :)


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