Movie Review: Breaking Dawn Part 2

My younger sister and I decided to go see Breaking Dawn part 2 together. A lot of my friends went to the midnight premier, but after the let down of Part 1, I wasn't that ecstatic for it.  

I feel like Part 2 featured everyone's favourites parts of the book, while staying true to the previous film adaptions. If you're a book fan, then you'll appreciate the few minutes spent on rather pointless scenes. If you're not a fan of the movies and have been subjected to them by friends or family, you will most likely be sitting in torture and wondering why the hell haven't we gotten to the actual point of the film yet.

And while the producers and director teased everyone about an alternative ending, do not be fooled. While I literally screamed "what have you done?!" in the cinema when this alternative ending was playing, it's not an alternative ending. 

Sorry, guys, but I gotta spoil it. Skip the next paragraph.

Alice's vision of an alternative ending does not count as an alternative or altered or tweaked ending. Because when it gets to the end, nothing has changed. There was no war, there was no genuine action. It was all a vision of what could have been. 

The ending of Breaking Dawn the book is what essentially made me dislike the book. The build up for a flop of an ending. While the movie does relieve some of the build up tension, it is essentially the same ending as the book. Which is disappointing.

However, I do give an applause to Bill Condon, the director, for the special effects used at the beginning (even if the opening credits dragged on for far too long) and the end where he listed every single actor in every single Twilight film. 

Overall, it wasn't a disappointment. While the film did have my favourite scenes from the book and did have a pleasing amount of action, I'm just happy to see the saga conclude and glad that it beat Part 1 in the entertainment factor. 


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