IMO: What Do YOU Guys Want From Blogs?

Hey readers,

So I've been working my mind lately on the content of this blog--how to expand it, make it more enjoyable, etc. And I figured the best way was to ask you guys about what you want from blogs. Whatever the suggestion is, pop it in the comments or you could take that poll over there -->.

I personally love discussions on books. I think that's one thing that is definitely going to be a new feature on here. It's what makes me love Goodreads so much when there's no drama. Just the chance to talk and gush or even rant about books. I seriously love that. And Twitter. Twitter is very much a must-be place for book discussions even if you're limited to 140-characters.

In other words: what makes a blog stand out to you and what do you love about it?


  1. I really LOVE the idea of book discussions, I think that could be really great. (:


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