Weekly Round Up: Stacking The Shelves {5}

So, after much hunting and thinking, I've decided to do Stacking The Shelves as a replacement for IMM and do a small roundup, inspired by Giselle from Xpresso Reads and Tynga's Reviews.

I had a relatively slow week this week only reviewing two books (The Goddess Test and Under the Never Sky). Plus Blogger wasn't posting posts when I wanted it to. Also, I won't be here to post on Tuesday and Wednesday because I'm staying elsewhere while our house is getting renovated, but I have blog posts scheduled up and pinkie promise to read all your wonderful comments when I get back.

For Review:

Glitch (Glitch, #1)

Glitch by Heather Anastasiu


Storm (Elementals, #1)  Hallowed (Unearthly, #2)

Storm by Brigid Kemmerer
Hallowed by Cynthia Hand

I read and loved Unearthly to death, but every time I look at this cover I cringe. I just dislike it. I also prefer the US Storm cover, but I've heard way too many things to pass this one up. And Glitch? Eeeeeeek is all I shall say.

Leave me a link to your weekly roundup/stacking the shelves and I'll pop on by!


  1. The cover for Glitch is intoxicating to look at. I'd never heard of it until recently but now I am compelled to seek it out and learn more. Happy reading! ♥


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