Movie Review | Gone Girl

This film was everything that the trailer and other people's comments made it out to be. Often I find with books and movies that when they are hyped up, I tend to set myself big expectations and thus find myself constantly disappointed. Gone Girl definitely could have disappointed myself. I found myself talking to my Aunt about the film and book a week ago and she said she fell into that trap of disappointment and didn't enjoy the book.

I, however, loved the movie and have bumped up Gone Girl to the top 3 of my to read list since I bought it last week (and am now thankful for the foresight).

There was not one single casting choice in this film that I disagreed with. Having never seen a Ben Affleck film that I could recall, I found myself pleasantly surprised about his casting choice. His acting for the character Nick. I feel like Affleck's acting is very much about 'under acting'. (FYI, yes I made that term up.) His emotions were there, easily seen and felt, yet they simmered beneath the surface on the brink of a break out and it left me on the edge of my seat knowing that there was something coming, something big was going to happen. However, I feel like the real winner here is Rosamund Pike. I have adored Pike since playing Jane in Pride & Prejudice with Kiera Knightley, but here she shines and honestly terrifies me. Everything about her character was beautiful and horrible and she was absolutely perfect for this role. If she does not get an Oscar nomination, I will honestly be surprised.

David Fincher's direction of this film and its editing has to take some credit. In his true style (he also directed The Social Network), it had very ominous tones, lots of close ups, and a blue tint that hyperbole the drama and suspense of the plot.

The plot itself… Well, I was constantly changing my mind and finding myself wide-eyed and whispering to my sister "this is crazy" (throw in a few expletives in there). A must see for those who enjoy thrillers, dramas, and Cleudo as a kid.

Notes: I have not read the book.


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