Review | United We Spy by Ally Carter

Cammie Morgan has lost her father and her memory, but in the heart-pounding conclusion to the best-selling Gallagher Girls series, she finds her greatest mission yet. Cammie and her friends finally know why the terrorist organization called the Circle of Cavan has been hunting her. Now the spy girls and Zach must track down the Circle’s elite members to stop them before they implement a master plan that will change Cammie—and her country—forever.


If there is such a book that could be considered too fast paced, this is it. United We Spy is the 6th and final book in the Gallagher Girls series and we finally have our conclusion. 

This book was everywhere. It was like a big mess of spaghetti which didn't get straightened out until the very end. Seriously. I think now that this series is finished I would recommend it, because it has been too long since the books were released and that kind of makes my head spin when I try to remember what exactly happened in the last book.

I do have to give credit though, as United We Spy does tie up all the little ends and even references things from the very first book which were probably long forgotten. It has a sweet ending and there really is a satisfying feeling knowing that the characters are all tied up nicely and their plot lines. There were a few very happy moments in this book, a few predictable and long awaited ones, and a few surprising ones.

Really, I think you need to brush up on your books before hitting this final one. Otherwise, it was a satisfying end.

Rating: 4 stars


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