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Firstly, don't let yourself be persuaded by the comments made on the YouTube trailer on decided whether or not to watch this film. My dad and I had been planning on watching this film for the longest time and yet never got around to it, so when we finally did I was excited! In short, the film's plot is revolved around what would happen if we were able to use all 100% of our brains.

Another fair warning, if you're unable to suspend your reality and live in imagination for the film in terms of the science then you perhaps might not enjoy this film so much.

The graphics were first and foremost the highlight of this film. You don't get the complete works until the end sequence of the film, but it leaves you so stunned in awe that you cannot help but give the film major props for this aspect. The graphics are riddled through the film earlier on too--showing the muscles of a back that Lucy touches, people as stands that are joined to the sky. Most of these you get quick glimpses in the trailer, but the end sequence is definitely something worth holding out for.

Underneath the graphic effects and Scarlett Johansson are some really powerful questions about the universe and our purpose. One of the opening lines of the film instantly makes you wonder, "Life was given to us a billion years ago... what have we done with it?", to the last line which sets a feeling in your stomach that is hard to fully describe: "life was given to us a billion years ago... Now you know what to do with it."

The questions are continuously made with Morgan Freeman's character who talks about our bodies choosing immortality or reproduction in an effort to pass on knowledge. One thing that I think I really enjoyed about this film in hindsight is how effortlessly it talks about revolution with religious connotations. There are a few interpretations about it floating around on the Internet that I particularly found interesting so if you have the time I definitely think they're worth looking into.

An interesting film that I think definitely deserves a second viewing to fully understand and appreciate the speculation of the questions this film brings up.

3.5/4 stars


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