Review | Fetish by Tara Moss

Mak is young, beautiful- and in grave danger. An international fashion model, she arrived in Australia on assignment, only to find her best friend brutally murdered, the latest victim of a serial killer with a very deadly fetish. Before she knows it, Mak herself is caught up in the hunt for the killer and trapped in a twisted game of cat-and-mouse. Who can you trust and where can you turn when you are the dark obsession of a sadistic psychopath?

This was exactly the book I needed to get me out of my reading slump!

I have been wanting to read a Moss crime book for a long time. I watch her show on the CI channel and she has a damn impressive research resume (which includes being set on fire, knocked out, and gun training), so I had a high hopes and those high hopes were definitely met.

The way that Moss writes is effortless and captivating. The pages were flying by and before I even knew it it had ended. My biggest regret is not buying the entire series at once when I had the chance, because I want the next one stat. The descriptions are clear and I loved all the small details, which is where I feel like Moss's knowledge of the modelling world and her research definitely pay off.

Mak is the main character and she's a Canadian model in Australia (much like Moss herself). On a shoot she discovers (literally) that her best friend and fellow model Catherine has been murdered. Catherine is one of many girls being murdered by the Stiletto Killer, a killer with a fetish for women in stilettos. Mak is also studying psychology and with a detective as a father, she has a decent amount of knowledge of police force operations. This, however, does not stop her from interfering when she does and I can see this definitely being what gets her in trouble. While Mak does appear to be too perfect of a character, there were hints dropped in about a traumatic past that I am curious about. I'm also curious about how the consequences of the events from this book affect her way of relationships and mannerisms.

I do have to criticise the character of Andy, the kind of love interest. I say "kind of" because the romance takes a backseat here, which is something I enjoyed, however I couldn't see the appeal of Andy. I also would be very hesitant if I were to hire him because he gives out information so easily and as addressed in the book, his anger issues result in major problems.

But I think this was a strong and fun beginning to a series I'm looking very forward to reading.

Rating: 4.5 stars


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